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This one-day training course covers practical and proven strategies on how to set prices to boost profits in your business and provide more value for your customers. In this interactive and handson workshop, you will learn about: * Tips, strategies and insights into setting prices -the reality of profits *4 successful pricing strategies small businesses can use effectively (including startups) *Key pitfalls to avoid in setting your prices *How to create pricing menus to grow your business *Key points to consider about time and money invested in your business * Developing Action Plans for pricing review and planning in your business Everyone attending will receive a free Pricing Menu template which can be adapt for your business. The group is small so time will be given to answer questions about pricing in your own business.

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A key role of a manger is developing the people on their teams to enable effectiveness and attain high levels of performance. Coaching helps managers and their teams move much earlier from forming to norming and reduce negative effects likely from team conflict, silo working and turf protection. This workshop is designed to strengthen the talent management and team building skills of management teams in educational institutions and empower them for greater effectiveness. This workshop will cover: *The What and How of Coaching in the workplace *Using coaching skills to empower teams for effective engagement *The coaching approach to greater effectiveness of management teams. *Changing from turf protection and resistance to resilience and collaboration *Setting and achieving team goals *Applicaton of individual and team coaching styles to promote team cohesion *Six steps to embedding a coaching culture in your team/organisation Action based and interactive learning approaches will be used. This includes practice coaching sessions (individuals and teams), case studies and video clips. At the end of training, delegates will be able to: Identify specific benefits of effective engagement in managing teams. Know how to apply six key steps to embed a coaching culture in their management team.

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Communicating in a Technical Environment

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Effective communication skills are essential in ensuring clarity of message and sharing relevant information to different audiences. A challenge for people working in a techical environment is that they communicate with technical as well as non-technical people and it can be challenging making a seamless transition between the two groups. To equip technical people with skills and confidence to make presentations, to communicate to large and small groups and shift effortlessly between technical and non-technical people, delegates will learn how to: *Plan for and make presentations for various audiences *Create and incorporate effective and engaging visual aids -Apply interpretative feedback techniques during meetings (body language, use of voice) *Manage fear and audience interaction *Handle difficult questions professionally and confidently Umm, Ah, Err! – dealing with empty fillers and distracting mannerisms *Frame positive responses to negative questions –without losing your head Participants will leave the course with greater understanding of the key requirements for developing presentations for technical as well as non-technical groups.

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Executive Solutions Training Ltd (ESTL) provides a range of interactive and customised training in personal development and leadership to promote effective communication, increase success in business and improve sustainability. The company is a UK registered learning provider (UKPRN: 10021720) and its Managing Director and network of Trainers, Consultants and Executive Coaches have extensive experience of working with small businesses, in the public sector and with publicly traded organisations across a range of sectors and industries as well as on assignments outside the UK funded by international organisations. ESTL helps clients through customised courses designed to meet a broad spectrum of personal development, management and leadership skills organisations need. Needs Analysis, Training, Consultancy or Coaching is delivered to individuals or groups at clients' premises, agreed third party venues or online, including webinars. ESTL?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s Managing Director and Associates are knowledgeable of the needs of and challenges faced by a spectrum of businesses and managers. This enables flexibility in choice of training options and preparation of learning resources for training or coaching.

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